My First Ride with the “Greatest Running Shoe Ever”, adidas Ultra BOOST

Posted: March 28, 2015 by cjadobo in My Runs
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Super comfortable, ultra cushioning, more bounce and very flexible. That’s how I can describe my newest adidas Ultra BOOST.

When I received my pair of adidas Ultra BOOST last week, I was so excited to run and get to experience the “greatest running shoe ever”. I immediately tried it on my feet, walk around the office and it just felt so soft and comfortable. There was no “awkward new shoe feeling”. It was like walking in the clouds. My feet adjusted comfortably right away. Maybe it is because of the adidas primeknit technology in the upper weave which expands accordingly with your feet. They say that runner’s foot can expand up to 10 mm or more in width while running and when restrained, this expansion can cause severe discomfort, friction and blisters. Adidas Ultraboost will prevent this from happening.

I did a 5k break in run on a treadmill and it was a very nice bouncy ride. The sole which is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) creates energy return from the impact of running, effectively pushing you forward. It also offered more bounce without hurting my knees and shins. I actually felt no pain at all after the run. The soft cushioning sole may have helped reduce impact that led to this comfortable, pain-free run. Adidas Ultra BOOST was designed to offer better Achilles support and there is also a “dual-density Torsion System” that allows the heel to remain supported while the forefoot moves independently. I can actually now believe that this is indeed the “greatest running shoe ever”.


I cant wait to use my adidas Ultra BOOST in a half marathon or even in a marathon. I’m pretty sure it will help me finish strong and injury free.

Adidas Ultra BOOST was launched last January 2015, dubbed as the “greatest running shoe ever” , Ultra BOOST has raised the industry standard in terms of energy running, cushioning, comfort and heel support.

Here’s the official press release:

The Energy Running revolution has taken a bold new step as adidas unveiled the greatest running shoe ever, Ultra BOOST. At a guarded launch location in New York City, Yohan Blake, David Villa, Sammy Watkins and a team of elite athletes pledged their allegiance to the revolution while hundreds of witnesses from around the world were onsite for the introduction of Ultra BOOST.

Attending athletes and guests experienced the superiority of Ultra BOOST through state-of-the-art live testing demonstrations using the ARAMIS system also used by top engineering institutions like NASA, Boeing and Audi to measure crash tests, vibration analysis and durability studies. adidas developed Ultra BOOST using ARAMIS’ 3D shape and surface measurement to provide a fully adaptable running experience. Ultra BOOST intuitively adjusts to a runner’s stride delivering the unrivalled Energy Return of BOOST™, superior support and adaptive comfort over hundreds of kilometres, in virtually any environment.

“To answer the world’s athletes’ call for more Energy we aimed to create the greatest running shoe ever and we’ve done exactly that with Ultra BOOST,” said Eric Liedtke, adidas Executive Board Member. “adidas has raised the industry standard with BOOST and will continue blazing a path in Energy Running for those who dare to follow.”

Your greatest run ever awaits with Ultra BOOST at adidas Ultra BOOST will be available in leading adidas stores in the Philippines and Runnr BGC from February 25, 2015 at P 8295.

 Join the adidas Energy running movement by following @adidasph on Twitter or Instagram.

  1. dave says:

    nice shoes. nice in gym. nice in body

    |Playgroup Singapore

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