Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan: Where Beauty and Serenity Meet

Posted: July 13, 2015 by cjadobo in My Runs
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Port Barton is a small village in San Vicente in the North Western coast of Palawan. My friends and I went there just recently and were amazed by its beauty and serenity. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful vacation away from the busy streets and city lights, this is the right place for you.


How to get there Port Barton is a 3-and-a-half to 4-hour land travel from Puerto Princesa Airport. Expect a rough road and a bumpy ride along the way. There is no bank or ATM in Port Barton so make sure to bring/withdraw cash while you’re still in Puerto Princesa. Also, electricity is only available from 6pm to 12mn. Make sure to fully charge your gadgets and bring all the power banks you have. Where to stay We booked at Ausan Beach Front Cottages during our stay. It was a nice and quiet place with coconut trees, hammocks and tree houses which will make you truly feel the tranquility of island living. Ausan Beach Front Cottages offers aircon & non aircon rooms. You can also extend the use of electricity by paying additional fees for the resort’s genset.

What to do there On our first day, we had our lunch at the resort’s restaurant. The price of their meals range from P175 – P200 but in big servings. You can actually share it for two. After our lunch we had our first island tour. Our destination was “Long Beach.” They said it was the longest beach in Philippines that measures 14.7 kilometers. Sadly, San Vicente’s “Long Beach” has nothing else to offer aside from being the longest beach. It’s not even a white beach. The water is not clean and “pristine” like what we’ve read in other websites. It was an hour long boat ride for nothing. I personally do not recommend including “Long Beach” in your itinerary when you visit San Vicente.

After the disappointing trip to “Long Beach,” our boatmen brought us to a small sandbar in the middle of the sea to watch and take photos of the sunset. They called the sandbar “Luli Island.” Luli because “lulubog, lilitaw”. Nye!


On our second day, we are scheduled for a whole day of island hopping adventure. This time we had high hopes that the islands will be way better than “Long Beach.” Kuya Lotlot, the boatman, brought us to Wide Reef and then to Twin Reef where we did snorkeling and underwater photo ops where we had so much fun. Our next stop was German Island. German Island is a small island with many trees and hammocks. A place where you can actually stay for a while to sleep, eat, and enjoy the beauty of island living. There were foreigners on the island when we came. Their boatman said they stayed there over the night. Kuya Lotlot and friends cooked fish, chicken, squid and veggies for our lunch while we were enjoying the beach, the sand and the hammocks. This surely made up for that long beach experience. german3 german2 After lunch, we went to Exotic Island. It was an island with rocky beach and crystal clear waters. Our boatman said we can see turtles there but there we did not see anything turtle like in the island. The island was also good for photo ops. We did not stay there for long because it was so hot already. We just took some photos and got back to our boat immediately. exotic exotic3 The final stop of the island tour was in Bigajo where we did a 15-minute trek to see the Bigajo falls. We dipped in the cold waters, took some photos and waited for the day to end. The whole day tour cost us only P650 (including lunch) and P250 for the half-day tour on our first day. We went back to the Ausan Resort to spend our last night in San Vicente. We headed to El Nido the next day. Stay tuned for our El Nido adventures…

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