Primal Ape Crossfit: The Biggest Crossfit Box in Makati

Posted: July 18, 2015 by cjadobo in My Runs
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Crossfit is a high intensity, form focused workouts where participants improve power, speed and agility. The main goal is to make your body stronger and more capable of anything that life throws at you. It is about functional fitness which means you become more efficient in your everyday functions like carrying luggages, walking faster, sitting properly, stretching your arms when reaching into something, etc. By doing functional workouts, you also become stronger, leaner and a better person in terms of functionality.

primal ape

I’ve tried many crossfit gyms before and they are all basically the same to me. All their coaches are good and certified and the work outs are almost the same. It gave me the message that all crossfit boxes were created equal. Perhaps, all boxes follow a certain crossfit standard. But when I tried Primal Ape Crossfit, I told myself that I was wrong. Not to undermine other crossfit boxes, Primal Ape Crossfit’s Box size alone changed the game for me. “At over 1200 sqm, PrimalApe Crossfit is the King Kong of boxes. That means no more filled-up classes and less risk of injury from over-crowding. With that much space – challenging all-weather, 100-meter runs and fast-climbs up 12-foot ropes become reality.” Excerpt from their website, which I totally agree.They also offer spacious locker room and aircon’d comfort rooms which i other boxes do not usually offer. You can sweat all you want during your workout and have a refreshing shower before you head to your office for work.

primal ape2

Aside from their big box, Primal Ape Crossfit also offer two types of classes: the Bootcamp & the Crossfit. Crossfit classes are for more experienced athletes while the Bootcamp is for beginners to crossfit. It is basically like crossfit without weights. It’s effective for weight loss, muscle toning and full body conditioning.

primal ape4

I did a 5 day trial at Primal Ape Crossfit in Pasong Tamo. It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed every single Bootcamp class that I attended. It was a great way to start your morning because they offer 630am boot camp classes. I was very sure that it will help me lose weight if I continue the work out for months. The only thing that prevented me from doing so was the monthly fee of P5,500.00. It was too expensive for me. But if money is not an issue for you, I still recommend Primal Ape Crossfit.

Here are their rates:


Drop-in – Php 800 / visit

05 Class Pass – Php 3,500 (30 days)

10 Class Pass – Php 6,500 (60 days)

15 Class Pass – Php 9,000 (90 days)

Monthly – Php 5,500

Php 5,000 (6 mos. contract, 1st and 6th month deposit)

Free Foundations

Php 4,000 for students (with ID)

primal ape3


Drop-in – Php 700 / visit

New Member Unli-2Weeks – Php 1,500

05 Class Pass – Php 2,800 (30 days)

10 Class Pass – Php 5,000 (60 days)

15 Class Pass – Php 7,000 (90 days)

Monthly – Php 4,500

Php 4,000 (6 mos. contract, 1st and 6th month deposit)

Php 3,000 for students (with ID)


Php 1,500

waived with 6 mos. Contract


You can find Primal Ape Crossfit at 2135 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, 1230

Tel: (02) 832-8069 • Mobile: 09178507273.


Facebook Page: Primal Ape Crossfit

Instagram: @weareprimalcf


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