Omar Paredes Becomes First Pinoy Norseman Extreme Triathlon Finisher

Posted: August 30, 2016 by runadoboking in My Runs

Team Herbalife’s Triathlete and Coach, Omar Paredes made history as he became the first Filipino finisher of the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon. Coach Omar survived 13 degrees of ice cold 3km swim, 180 km bike around 5 mountains and 42km run to the summit of Mt. Gaustatoppen in 16  grueling hours. He became one of the top 160 finishers who exclusively received the coveted “Black Shirt”.

“The biggest challenge for me was the cold weather. The water in Norseman was ice cold. In preparation to this, my wife stayed at Eidfjord for two weeks before the race to acclimatize and to train swimming in cold waters” recalled Coach Omar.



Coach Omar had been racing since 1999. He already finished 7 Ironman competitions in and outside the country but his race experience in Norway is definitely the toughest to date.

“It is worlds apart from the typical races we join because of its extreme conditions. We’re used to racing in hot and humid races here in the Philippines and Malaysia. In Norseman, it got sunny, windy; there was rain and fog in temperatures between 5-12 deg Celsius” he said.

It was an extremely physically brutal experience for Coach Omar, but knowing the outpouring support of his wife, family, students and Herbalife Team, he made sure to finish the race at all cost.


“I prayed a lot during the race. I think about my wife and all the people who are rooting for me. Sa kanila ako kumuha ng lakas ng loob”, Coach Omar said. “During the race, you have to sustain and replenish your energy. I’m thankful I have F1 shake with Herbalife 24 Prolong. It helped me boost my energy” he added.

Coach Omar plans to join the Swissman Xtreme Triathlon and Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon if given another opportunity.

“Respect the race. Respect the distance. The training will be physically, mentally and financially demanding but it will all be worth it.”

*Photos from Coach Omar’s FB Page.


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