Adobomall: The perfect one-stop shop for active lifestyle enthusiasts

Posted: December 21, 2016 by runadoboking in My Runs

Recent times have observed a global trend where more and more people are pursuing an active lifestyle beyond their 9-to-5 desk jobs, and the Philippines is no exception. Fitness clubs, training camps, sporting events are popping one after the other, and the rise of the active-lifestyle influencers has further inspired more Filipinos to dive in and explore the outdoors and to try out different fitness regimens.

Following the growing active-lifestyle trend is the equally increasing demand for functional and stylish workout staples – from sporting gears and supplements, to athleisure outfits, down to travel-mate brands. Luckily, the active-lifestyle community can now have access to a one-stop destination where these essentials are available – all just in a click.

Adobomall, the Philippine’s first online shopping mall, carries a wide range of premium brands and products that cater to the active lifestyle – whether indoor, outdoor, or an adventure set anywhere in the world.

Outdoor adventurers

Those who are fond of uncovering the beauty of nature and are always up for a weekend trek can enjoy quality backpacks from trusted brands, High Sierra and TYR. They offer sturdy and reliable bags that can keep up with the natural born wanderer’s pace; functionality and style covered.

High Sierra’s durable fabric makes it the perfect choice for those who like to go on adrenaline-pumped ventures. Confidently climb that mountain and go spelunking with the security of a High Sierra backpack. Meanwhile, sports fans who are into keeping their stuff organized will definitely find a partner in TYR bags, designed to cater to one’s needs with its smart compartment allocation.


Those who place running at the top of their heart and sole can definitely spot a gear or two at Adobomall. More than sporting goods, Lotto offers a range of running shoes that cater to specific kinds of runs and runners, depending on their choice of surface and protection needed.

As for those who share the belief that there is no wrong way to run, then Brooks is the brand for you. Their selection of running shoes are calibrated to fit the different kinds of running experiences.

Needless to say, pro and novice runners alike can find their running shoes needs, All in the Mall for All.

Sports and Fitness Fans

Squeezing in a well-enjoyed hobby during work weekdays calls for an online buddy like Adobomall. Running low on supplies? Browse through Wilson’s extensive array of products for your tennis, basketball, baseball, or volleyball gear needs. And this doesn’t leave out swim fans because USA manufacturer for recreational and competitive swimwear and gears, TYR, also has their wide selection available in the online shopping mall.


For the world travelers who are always out and about, take delight in the fact that you can travel the world with trusty luggage that have style and performance on-point. Well-revered brands like American Tourister and Kamiliant are perfect for the different kinds of travels, whether you are on a short or longer trip, these two brands offer items to match your personality along with your travel needs.

Health buffs

There’s a reason why Adobomall is dubbed a “mall.” It doesn’t only bring to the market active wear and gears but also supplements to match their dynamic lifestyle. The performance and recovery drink, FitAID, uses clean and quality ingredients, with no preservatives, to enhance anyone’s athletic performance and fitness program.

The complete LifeAID range of products, such as PartyAID and FocusAID, will be available soon.

Truly, it is the first and only online shopping mall that offers real online shopping. Its secure payment system and fast delivery turnaround makes it the ideal choice for those who are too busy carrying-on with their active lifestyle. And what makes it better is that there are a lot more in-store the Philippine’s first online mall, that’s not just for active lifestyle enthusiasts, but for everyone. It’s time to rediscover online shopping convenience with Adobomall.


About Adobomall is the Philippine’s first online-shopping mall designed to be the ultimate one-stop shop and revolutionize online convenience as everyone knows it. It transports the shopping mall experience to the digital landscape, offering an array of premium brands distinctly showcased through visual storefront displays, like never before. Adobomall guarantees secure payment, authentic items and one of the fastest delivery turnaround of 2-3 days.adobo-mall_tyr


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