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How to be bigger than any challenge life gives you

Enduring daily traffic and long hours at work, taking responsibility for the whole family even at a young age, constantly building and rebuilding whenever in the face of calamities – over and over again, Filipinos have proven themselves to be resilient and steadfast amidst challenges. We remain strong and persevering, and in return, even make inspirational success stories out of them.

These are stories that are motivated by Filipinos’ sheer will and determination; values that are ingrained to reveal the true definition of strength.

#AngatAngLakasMo with Cobra

Through its recently launched campaign, Cobra Energy Drink highlights the importance of finding one’s true strength and encourages more Filipinos to elevate themselves and be bigger than any of life’s challenges.

“As the country’s number one energy drink, we continuously make efforts to give you the value you deserve. We are in high hopes we exemplified and elevated the strength of every Filipino especially as we celebrate Labor Day through the Cobra #TitanChallenge that serves as an avenue to prove how we conquer life’s challenges,” Marketing Manager- CSD Dan Ong shares.

Cobra #TitanChallenge

With actor, director, film producer and brand ambassador Coco Martin, Cobra Energy Drink celebratesthe launch of the Titan campaign this April– tapping on key personalities and influencers who shared their own larger than life experiences on social media and even as erected along Edsa-Balintawak – Coco Martin taking on the challenge.

Find out how Filipinos rise above and be bigger than their challenges – the Cobra way with our official hashtags #AngatAngLakasMo #TitanChallenge. Winning entries will be announced on May 3, 2019 on Cobra’s Facebook page.

Cobra Energy Drink is now available in 5 variants: Cobra Original; Cobra Berry for instant energy; Cobra Fit with ActivBurn technology plus L-Carinitine to burn calories; Cobra Smart with ginkgo biloba for instant brainergy; and the all-new Cobra +Plus Vitamin C Defense for stronger immunity. For more information: check

In line with its commitment to foster innovation in its category and continue to be an icon of true Filipino strength, Asia Brewery Inc. launches Cobra +Plus Vitamin C.

Cobra +Plus Vitamin C Defense focuses on health and productivity as Filipinos today aspire to pursue and achieve more in a day. Packed with 700mg of Vitamin C and a delicious orange taste that makes the perfect combination to match your daily grind, this variant was developed with the satisfaction of Filipinos’ daily energy fix in mind.

This is the ultimate immunity defense in an energy drink bottle, served to strengthen the body for the daily hustle while one actively pursues its passion in the best health condition possible.

 As active lifestyle becomes a more popular choice among today’s busy individuals, sustained energy and immunity defense become top priorities when choosing a daily partner drink.

This is what Cobra Energy Drink is committed to be as they launch Cobra +Plus Vitamin C Defense – the perfect partner for every Filipino that assures they are in their best shape, as they pursue an active lifestyle.

“Earning the titles best-selling and number one energy drink is both a milestone and motivation for us. For years, we have continuously strived to cater to the market’s different energy needs and strived to be better at giving Filipinos the value they deserve. We continue to offer products that we believe can enhance their daily activities and, ultimately, add significant value to their lives,” Marketing Manager- CSD Dan Ong shares.

The country’s best-selling and number one energy drink Cobra has three other variants that serve the Filipino’s varying energy needs – Cobra Original and Cobra Berry for instant energy, Cobra Fit with ActivBurn technology plus L-Carnitine to burn calories and Cobra Smart with ginkgo biloba for instant brainergy.

“When in sight of the finish line, they are already preparing for the next race. When met with a deadline, they are already rolling up their sleeves for the next task.” Abe Cipriano, AVP for Marketing for Non-Alcoholic Division of Asia Brewery.

It is human nature to always want to be better, to improve, to ask for more. And it’s actually a good thing. It means we always look forward to something great, it means we keep on dreaming, it means we don’t easily give up, it means we persevere. And that is the newest campaign of Cobra Energy Drink is all about: “Gusto ko pa!”


“Gusto Ko Pa!”campaign encapsulates the new Filipino, who has gone beyond surviving everyday obstacles to pursuing bigger, better, greater things. Beyond perseverance, Gusto Ko Pa is about empowerment. Beyond persistence, Gusto Ko Pa adds purpose. Beyond hard work, Gusto Ko Pa is about a hunger for more. And fueling this passion, Gusto Ko Pa and Cobra provides the energy to see it through.

Last Tuesday, February 17, Cobra launch their new campaign and their new endorser, Matteo Guidicelli, a a multi-awarded racecar driver, top triathlete of the country’s most grueling sporting events, and a highly sought-after actor. The event was held at Hard Rock Café, Glorietta 3, Makati City.


“It is an honor to represent a brand that has fueled the Filipino spirit unlike any other. That they see in me the values that every Filipino strives for is an inspiration to be better at what I do now, and to work even harder for what’s next. I call on every Filipino to never settle, to find their passion, and to power themselves up with Cobra Energy Drink. I want this to become a rallying call for every Filipino –to do more, to be more, dahil ‘Gusto ko pa.’” – Matteo Guidicelli said during the launch

Matteo - Cobra

Cobra Energy Drink’s “Gusto Ko Pa!” is one of their biggest campaign todate. After featuring Filipino top athletes in their previous campaigns like “Lakas ng Pinas” & “Tunay Na Lakas”, Cobra is now set to take a new role in empowering not just Filipino athletes but every Filipino who wants to do more. Cobra Energy Drink gives every Filipino the insipiration to never give up and to take their life into the next level and to always dream bigger and to shout out load “Gusto Ko pa!”

Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines all set for August race in Cebu
Six strong years of powering up the extraordinary for the ultimate test of endurance

Cobra Energy Drink, Sunrise Events, Inc. and three-time host location, Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu are now all geared up to hold the biggest and toughest triathlon race that the country has ever experienced, in which only the extraordinary can conquer. The 2014 Cobra Ironman 70.3 is set on August 3, expecting over 2,500 registrants from all over the globe. This year’s race marked history when registration slots were filled up all within 4 hours after the online registration opened. This is by far the biggest Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines in terms of registration count.

Cobra Energy Drink has been powering up the event for 6 years straight starting in 2009 when the first Cobra Ironman 70.3 was brought to the Philippines. As part of its efforts to promote the sport, Cobra Energy Drink, together with Sunrise Events, held the first Send-Off Expo last July 11-13, where registered triathletes and even just thriving athletes were provided with race-preparation seminars and lectures. This effort goes beyond sustaining the energy needed, but to also fuel up the mind and spirits of the athletes.

Cobra Ironman 2014

“We are taking a new philosophy route this year, as we push our hardworking athletes to Be Extraordinary. This is how Cobra Energy Drink sees their challenges – they are not only in competition with other athletes, but more importantly with themselves, outdoing their best race time this year,” explains Abe Cipriano, Asia Brewery AVP for Marketing of Non-Alcoholic Beverages.

The training needed for this kind of race takes a lot of effort combined with strong commitment and unyielding perseverance. These athletes’ strict preparation time lasts for months. Similar to the previous Ironman 70.3 events, athletes challenge themselves to reach the finish line for different reasons: some do it to promote a healthy lifestyle, some do it for their advocacies, and there are those who push themselves to test their endurance.

As part of Cobra’s ‘Be Extraordinary’ campaign, the brand acclaims the spirit of determination and perseverance of these Cobra Ironman 70.3 athletes who push themselves to be the best that they can be – and become inspiration to thriving athletes and everyday Filipinos. This is how to be extraordinary, by outdoing yourself with every challenge encountered, and for Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines, by outracing themselves.

**Press Release

Nonito Donaire Jr as Cobra's new face for Lakas ng Pinas

Press Release:

Nonito “Jun-Jun” Donaire is showing the true heart of a warrior as he reaches for his next summit: a fourth division world title as he faces reigning WBA featherweight champion Simpiwe Vetyeka on May 31 at the Cotai Arena of The Venetian Resort in Macau. Fresh from his victory against Vic Darchinyan in November, Donaire is ready to take it to the next level.

The former three-division world champion is focused not only on the fight at hand, but also on persevering to take on more world titles after this fight, “I want to be a better, stronger, smarter fighter. This is my first fight in this weight division, and I need to be in the best mental and physical condition possible when I enter the ring. Boxing is not just something I do – this is my career, and I will do what it takes to reach even greater heights and show the world what the Filipino can do.”

Helping him reach his goals and powering him to extraordinary heights are Cobra Energy Drink and Summit Natural Drinking Water . Abe Cipriano, AVP for Marketing for Non-Alcoholic Beverages of Asia Brewery says, “Throughout his career, Nonito has proven that the perseverance of a warrior’s heart can get you through any challenge. He embodies the values of Summit Water in reaching for his goals, and Cobra in persevering despite all odds. Nonito is an inspiration to us all.”

For the extraordinary, let Cobra power you up

An energy drink for every extraordinary Filipino’s burning passion


Press Release:

There are extraordinary people born to live a burning passion, all to be the best at what they do. The pursuit of this passion requires dedication, commitment, time, and boundless energy. This is why Cobra Energy Drink launches its newest campaign presenting its roster of product variants to boost the power you need to be extraordinary in the pursuit of your goals.

Since 2007, the country’s leading energy drink has taken physical strength and energy seriously. Its goal remains to power up the Filipino bodies to always perform better, harder, and stronger. Cobra has expanded from a regular energy drink to a family of power drinks specifically made for different Filipino lifestyle requirements.

Cobra Energy Drink now comes in five variants, each equipped with a mix of power ingredients that not only fire up your energy, but are also good for the body.

For Power Fitness seekers, Cobra FIT contains ActivBURN™, which has a unique blend of L-carnitine, ginseng, caffeine, and vitamins B1, B3, B6, and B12, to speed up the body’s metabolism and help convert fat into energy. Whether you’re a gym rat or just running an action-packed day, get the most out of your energy by powering up, as you burn the calories away.

For Power Thinking demands, whether in school or at work, Cobra SMART contains Gingko Biloba, which provides instant Brainergy to improve mental focus, alertness, and memory.

Good physical strength starts from a strong immune system, and for Power Immunity, there is Cobra Defense. It is the only energy drink in the market that has Vitaboosters containing vitamins with properties to fight off common viruses and bacteria, and improve healthy functions of muscles, nerves, and the heart.

Everybody needs a good Power Rush either for work or for play, so for that instant energy boost, go for the refreshing Cobra Berry; while for the duty that can stand the test of time, with the strong will to take on any challenge, there is the one and only Cobra Original for that True Power.

Powering up Filipinos’ goals is the Cobra passion. Powering up your dedication and commitment is the Cobra goal, achieved through the strength and energy in every bottle to accomplish any given task – at any given time.

cobraproductsAbout Cobra

Cobra is the Philippines’ number one and best-selling energy drink, powering the country to progress. It contains world-standard quality ingredients like B-Vitamins sourced from Qualiblends, the world’s leading supplier of pharma-grade vitamins, as well as ginseng, taurine, inositol and other ingredients to help Filipinos achieve more in a single day, everyday. It has three variants to serve different energy needs, namely: Cobra Original for instant energy, Cobra Fit with ActivBurn technology plus L-Carnitine to burn calories, and Cobra Smart with gingko biloba for instant brainergy. For more information on Cobra visit

Drink Cobra, Drive a Camaro

Cobra launches Sure Win, Big Win Promo

Press Release:

Cobra Energy Drink is launching its biggest nationwide contest to date, the Sure Win or Big Win, Choose Your Prize Promo. Cobra guarantees two ways for you to become a winner – you may choose instant Sure Win Prizes or join the raffle for Big Win prizes, with a brand-new Chevrolet Camaro V6 as the grand prize.

The more you power up with Cobra Energy Drink, the higher your chances of winning. Pick your own Sure Win prizes by collecting labels or specially marked crowns in exchange for cool Cobra-branded gears. Millions worth of Big Win prizes will be given away monthly where there will be a total of 30 winners of P50,000 cash, 90 winners of Samsung Mega 5.8 cellphones, and 9 winners of a Yamaha FZ16 Motorcycle, while the Big Win grand prizes are three brand-new Camaro V6, to be drawn on June 27, 2014.

To join, just submit your raffle entry, along with either three (3) labels of any Cobra 350 ml variant or five (5) specially marked crowns of Cobra 240 ml.

Sure Win prizes can be claimed in participating LBC outlets nationwide by presenting the required number of Cobra Energy Drink labels or crowns.

Submission of raffle entries for the Big Win draws at participating LBC outlets, Mercury Drug stores and other partner outlets nationwide is required to qualify for the Big Win prizes.

May it be a Sure Win or a Big Win, Cobra calls on everyone to join its biggest nationwide promo and choose the prize you want to go for.

For more information and for detailed promo mechanics, LIKE Cobra Philippines on Facebook, or call the promo hotline at (02) 816-5888