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Bonifacio Global City & Runrio Inc., together with B-League Football Club (Flag football Philippines) move up to a higher level as they incorporate flag football for this year’s RUN BGC.  This is in celebration of Bonifacio Day and our continuous celebration of our passion for running and taking on new challenges!

RUN BGC 2011 Race Details:

Date: November 27, 2011

Venue: Bonifacio Global City

Events: 3K, 5K, 10K

3K w/ flag football, 5K w/ flag football

RUN  BGC 2011 Race Bibs:

RUN BGC 2011 Registration Details:

In-Store Registration: October 26 – November 23, 2011 (12:00nn-8:00pm)

Tobys/RUNNR – Shangrila Plaza Mall, Bonifacio High Street, SM Mall of Asia

Planet Sports – Trinoma, Glorietta 3

The Athlete’s Foot – Robinsons Galleria, Alabang Town Center

Riovana –(Watch out for the grand opening!)

RUN BGC 2011 Registration Fee:

3K & 3K w/ flag football = Php 500

5K & 5K w/ flag football = Php 600

10K = Php 700

RUN BGC Prizes (for male & female category):

3K & 3K w/ flag football = 1st – Php 3000, 2nd Php 2000, 3rd Php 1000

5K & 5K w/ flag football = 1st – Php 5000, 2nd Php 3000, 3rd Php 2000

10K = 1st – Php 10,000, 2nd Php 7000, 3rd Php 5000

For all race finishers: a chance to win a TRIP FOR TWO and join a RUN in AUSTRALIA!!!


So what is Flag Football?

A flag football is a game of RUN & CATCH. The purpose is for one team (defense) to cover a full distance and cross the football at the end zone at the opposite of the field. It is a derivative of the popular game of American Full Contact Football popularized by National Football League (NFL). Flag foot ball takes away the contact aspect by implementing the use of “flag belts” , that when pulled would signify a “tackle” or play stoppage. – BLFC

In RUN BGC’s Run w/ flag football categories, runners have to run the course and at a certain point, they have to “check in” in the football zone, where they have to perform the “flag football” part of the course. Runners need to catch the football and defend his flags. Upon completion, they have to check out and continue the race and run to the finish line. (Your running time will stop upon checking in at the football zone and will continue after finishing the flag football course)

Run with flag foot ball Mechanics:

  • Upon checking in, runners must wear the flag belts.
  • Quarterback gives the go signal to sprint the 5-yard marker.  Runner turns back to face the quarterback who will throw him a football. Runner should try to catch the ball.
  • Participant must run to the end zone 50 yards away trying to avoid the flag foot ball defenders.
  • Upon reaching the end zone, participant will be directed to run back to the start thru the “return lane”
  • Participant then takes off the flag belts and return the football to be re issued to the next participant.
  • Participants will be given “bands” that will signify whether they or not incurred a penalty during the course.


  • Ball dropped –  1 band
  • Flag pulled – 1 band
  • Ball dropped & Flag pulled – 2 bands
  • Complete – 3 bands
  • Discontinued – 0 band

Band Equivalents:

  • 1 band – 5 seconds deduction to total time
  • 2 bands – no time deduction
  • 3 bands – 10 seconds deduction to total time
  • 0 bands  – not qualified for podium finish, plus 30 seconds to total time

Other Notes:

  • The flag football zone is located after KM 1, so expect for some waiting time, but you need not to worry because there will be a timing mat in the check in zone where your time will be stopped until you finish the course.
  • There will be 10 active football zones that will be opened during the race to avoid long lines and congestion of participants.
  • If you failed to catch the football, or dropped it, you need to pick it up and continue with the course.
  • You must NOT PROTECT/ HOLD ON TO your flag belts during the course.
  • You must return the flag belts and football upon exit of the football zone.
Run BGC Route Maps (the green area is the football zone):
Run BGC 2011 Football Zones:

For more information, you may visit:

See you there! Happy Running!

  1. Ceres Nido says:

    waaah nakakalito naman yung flag football pero i wanna try it!!!!

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